Credit Card Affiliate Programs

As far as affiliate programs go, credit card affiliates get paid some of the highest pay outs in the industry. With that said you must understand that this is a highly competitive business and to success at offering credit card offers to your website visitors you need to be careful about how you proceed. We will discuss in this post some of the things you need to be careful of in order to succeed as a credit card affiliate.

  • Update your information often. This is not an industry that you could put up your affiliate code and just ignore your site for a few months. Credit card companies are constantly putting out new ad campaigns and you need to keep up. You do not want to have your competition to have more current ads than you. You also need to make sure that the way you word things are exactly right so revisit the legal section of your agreement with your advertiser.
  • Be picky. Don’t just advertise for any credit card affiliate program. There are so many companies and some may go through several affiliate programs. Be sure to do your homework so that you go through a network with the best ad campaigns and the best pay outs.
  • Qualified leads? This is key in the credit card business because if you are offering something like a low APR credit card the advertiser will probably expect your visitor to fill out an application and have it approved before you get paid. Therefore, you want to be sure you have visitors who are qualified for the offers. To do this you need to give a lot of education about different types of cards. Talk about what cards are right for which customers: student credit cards, low APR credit cards, credit cards with reward programs, etc.
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Tracking Affiliate Sales

Doing your own tracking of your sales as an affiliate can serve a two fold purpose. First and foremost, it is to make sure you are getting compensated as per your affiliate agreement. All software glitches, all people make mistakes and unfortunately there are always a few people or companies that are crooked. Just watch out for yourself. You don’t want to put hours and hours of your time and energy into an affiliate site that you are not being properly compensated for.

The second reason to track on your own is so that you know how to optimize your website. If you are receiving data from a software that tells you which ads people are going through on, which keywords they are coming in on, etc., then you know how to better change your site to meet those demands. You will come to see trends and you will know how to better alter your site, content and ads to translate into income.
There are so many ways of tracking now. So many software companies have put out really great tracking software. Merchants can use in house software, web based software or whatever software the affiliate network they belong to uses because it’s easy and they don’t have to hassle with it. What is important is finding out what your customers are doing online so that you can hone in on that. This takes some of the following:
  • tracking with cookies
  • data capture
  • record match tracking
  • pixel post or pixel cookie with backup IP
  • self-replicated pages
  • URL links that are simple and direct
  • Tracking of sub domains
  • String tracking of URL queries
Depending on what your agreement is with the network or advertiser you will need different things for your tracking and data. For instance if you do pay per click advertising you are going to be very interested on what links or ads are being clicked on. You will want to know the following information when you have an affiliate site so make sure that your tracking records give you a glimpse of the following:
  • actions done by site visitors or conversions
  • number of clicks
  • number of impressions
  • click through rate
  • cost per action
  • cost per 1000 clicks
  • conversion ratio
  • cost per sale
  • earnings per 100 clicks
  • page views
  • when do you get credit for a sale
  • total ad impressions
  • total page views
  • how many unique visitors to your website

Finding the Right Affiliate Program

What kind of affiliate program or network you decide to go with will depend on what your goals are and what the purpose of your website is. If you do not already have a website you have the luxury of choosing a product or network of advertisers that you believe in and know that you can build a site around.

If you already have a website then you need to find the appropriate advertisers to match up to your site. You also need to keep in mind that not all advertisers will accept you as a publisher for their product ads. Some have strict criteria. If you really want to get in with an advertiser find out early what it is that they look for and require of their publishers and try to get your site in order before they review it to see if you are approved or not.
Most commonly the big deciding factor for choosing an affiliate program or network is the payout, the frequency, and what type of program an advertiser or network offers. Some networks are great at affiliate match up. Be sure to ask if they offer help with that.
There are different ways of determining if a lead, sale, click or something else qualifies for a commission or pay out of some kind. Pay closely to what kind of affiliate tracking your affiliate is using and see what it means to you in dollar signs. We will just briefly cover these:
CPA – Cost per action -The best way to describe this is if the advertiser is a credit card company and you get someone to click through one of their advertising banners. That visitor would then apply for the credit card. Until they are approved and the action is completed on their end and it is as good as a type of purchase, you will not have a credit.
Pay Per Click – Pay per click advertising pay you a nominal fee for each person you bring to their site.
CTR – Click through rate – A great example of this is a banner ad. The click through rate would be determined by taking the impression rate (how many times the ad was viewed) and divide it into the number of times someone clicked on the ad. So if an ad is shown 100 times and one person clicks on it then it has a click through rate of 1%.
You really need to look at what the advertiser is offering and see if you know what it takes to get people to either apply, buy, click through or whatever is needed so that you can make money. The bottom line is to convert your visitors into income.

Offer Fusion Review

Offer Fusion has advertisers that will help make any publisher happy. Among their current clients are Maybelline, Dove, Free Pepsi, Kazaa, Pain Pump, and Reglan just to name a few. Offer Fusion offers some of the biggest payouts in the industry. They stay competitive by offering to match whatever you can make on the same advertiser through any other affiliate network or program.

Offer Fusion is a cost per action affiliate network. They strive to match publishers with great advertisers so that everyone makes money online. They offer great online affiliate tracking of your affiliate account. You never have to worry about a thing and there is no limit to how much you can earn each month.

To insure that their advertisers are only represented by fine publishers you, as a publisher, have to have a content rich site. You also need to have 5,000 unique visitors per month. Most of this traffic needs to come from within the 50 United States. They payout each month but it is 30 days out so if you earned money in May you would get paid about July 1st.


LinkShare Review

LinkShare Corporation specializes in offering ecommerce businesses online marketing services. These services include SEM (Search Marketing), lead generation and affiliate marketing. They have state of the art patented technology and expert consultation services to help your company succeed. The combination of services offered at LinkShare help merchants and advertisers increase their revenues and traffic. A few of LinkShare’s customers are: 1-800-FLOWERS, American Express, JC Penny, and Avon. LinkShare has been in business since 1996 and have offices all over the world but the main office is in New York.

For advertisers LinkShare helps you find and retain new customers. Their skilled staff and excellent technology will help you generate the leads that you need and turn those leads in to revenue for you.
For publishers LinkShare matches you with advertisers that will help make your site successful and increase your payouts. They have the greatest tracking software and support in the industry. Affiliate marketing doesn’t get better than this.
LinkShare is dedicated to developing the best technology for lead generating and tracking. They are industry leaders and are setting the mark for other companies. LinkShare is a great company to be affiliated with whether you are an advertiser or a publisher. This is a great company to help you make money online. Affiliate programs can be a great resource if you choose the right one.

Pay Per Click Programs

When you are choosing a way to make money online with affiliate networking or affiliate programs you will find that there are basically three ways that you will get paid. There are pay per click, pay per lead and pay per sale programs. You need to decide after doing some research which type may be most lucrative for your website.

When an affiliate program pays for a qualified lead they you are usually only responsible for getting a website visitor to sign up for something or apply for something like a credit card. Even if they are not accepted or do not purchase anything you are still paid because you got the visitor to do the qualifying action.
Pay per sale works differently than the pay per lead. The pay per sale is only based on actual sales that you generate for the merchant. Some merchants will pay a flat fee (for example $50 per sale) or they may pay a percentage of the sale (for example 3% of total sales). In many cases the flat rate for pay is more lucrative but if you are confident that you can generate more in sales then the percentage is the way to go. Some merchants will even provide links that will track your sales either way. You really need to crunch the numbers and see what works for your website.
Pay per click is different than the pay per sale and the pay per lead. Pay per click affiliates are often paid much less but generally all you are asked to do is to get people to click. The tracking identification then keeps track of how many clicks you have generated and you are paid based on results. If you are confident that you can get people to visit a particular site for whatever reason then this is a great option for your website.
For pay per click affiliate marketing we suggest the Pay Per Click List.