Reseller Program – Great Way to Make Money Online

There are many ways to make money online, a reseller program is?just one?great way to make money online. There are so many options when it comes to reseller programs that it really is a huge market. Most industries have businesses that offer either affiliate programs or reseller programs. An affiliate program is somewhat easier but probably doesn’t have quite as much earning potential. With an affiliate program you are simply referring people to buy someone else’s product or service in exchange for a commission, either fixed or percentage based. With a reseller program you are actually buying the rights to sell someone else’s product.

A reseller program is a great way to make money online because the product or service is already developed and ready to be sold. Many companies offer a white label reseller program that allows you to brand the product or service as your own, set your own selling price and market it however you choose. Obviously this is going to take more work than just adding an affiliate link to a website, but the earning potential is also much, much higher. For instance if you buy a product at $5 a piece, create your own brand name and resell it for $15 a piece, your return on investment is huge. You don’t have any development or production costs, so typically your administration and overhead is VERY low.

There are many online store builders that make selling products online very simple and inexpensive. A service like BigCommerce or Volusion will let you upload photos, product descriptions, options, and much more. Many of these services will also provide a secure method for you to accept payments, estimate shipping costs, set shipping restrictions, and customize many other aspects or your business listings. If you are selling a downloadable item or a service that doesn’t have to be shipped, a reseller program can be even easier. Just keep in mind that you are the sales, services, and support team for the product or service you sell. Most reseller programs offer support for you as the reseller but not for your clients, you are in charge and answering their questions and meeting their needs.

One of the previous examples we talked about was an SMS reseller program. SMS is short message service or text messaging. One of the newest trends in the marketing industry is text message marketing. Joining an SMS reseller program is a great example of how to make money through a white label reseller program. For additional information about how reseller programs work or more information on specific types of reseller programs, e.g. software reseller programs, VoIP reseller programs or web hosting reseller programs visit our website for more detailed articles and tutorials on each.

The great thing about reseller programs is that they are very versatile, learn about something new or choose something that you are familiar with and know people are looking for. If you can find someone in an industry you are interested in that offers there product or service cheaper than industry average, there is a good chance you can resell their product, still at a reasonable price, and make some decent money. Reseller programs are not some get rich scheme, they take time and effort just like any worthy business venture, but they do provide great potential for making money online or even offline for that matter!